About Me

My friends call me Moose. It’s not the most feminine nickname, but it fits me in a way. The somewhat fatalistic “Da Moose Da Moose” campground song quickly became my anthem my freshman year of college, when life seemed a repetitive montage of eating, sleeping, and studying. I was almost certain my reel would run out, and I would be “floating in the water” come finals week. Along with my new nickname, I gained 30lbs of cheap cafeteria grade pizza and day-olds from my workstation at the local college owned bakery and restaurant, The Keeter Center. I struggled to complete the requirements of PE, and my roller coaster of yo-yo diets did nothing for my self-confidence. Then I discovered the Keto diet. With a newfound motivation fueled by post-grad blues and equipped with my bakery experience, I entered the world of fitness and low-carb baking and cooking. This cooking blog has been long requested by my family members, keto and non-keto eaters alike. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed these creations!